Fragmentary summer



In the tiny living rooms in the tiny homes, 2009, 70 cm diametres, paper, acrylic on wood

‘Afghanistan before 1979’, 189 h x 178 b, 2009, acrylic, oil, cotton print, string on canvas

‘Nothing but air’, 101 h x 179 b, 2009, acrylic, oil, crayon, tracing paper, fabric, pearls, string on canvas

‘Mikrorayon Housing Project, Kabul 1968-1971’, 87 h x 118 b, 2009, acrylic, oil on wood

‘The seller of electric torches at Lazise, Lago di Garda’, 189 h x 165 cm, 2009, acrylic, oil on canvas

‘Conversation with the Iranian film director and political refugee Sadegh Javadi’, 2009, 138h x 173 b,
acrylic, oil on serigraphy tissue, cotton print, paper, tape, book

‘In the beginning’, 2009, 126 x 126 cm, acrylic, oil on canvas

The sun rises above a cornfield, 193 x 157, 2009, acrylic on canvas

‘Two ice cream desserts’, 2009, 86 x 80 cm, acrylic, oil on canvas

Fragmentary Summer
solo exhibition
Galerie Moderne Silkeborg, 2009

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