Isenstein og maleriet

Isenstein og maleriet, Kunsthal Kongegaarden 30/9-23 – d. 5/11-23

Skyklapper, 2020, 120 x 138 cm, olie på lærred

Skyklapper, 2020, 120 x 138 cm, olie på lærred

Ung mand på båre, olie på lærred, 200 x 76 cm

Morgener på Mozarts Plads, olie på træbrædder, oval form 87 x 60 cm

Ting der er sket, 2015, 130 x 130 cm, olie på lærred

Isenstein og maleriet – en dialogudstilling
Press release

The Kongegaarden houses the Isenstein Collection with works by the Danish-German sculptor Harald Isenstein, who was classically trained at the Art Academy in Berlin in 1920 and came to DK in 1933.

The large collection of almost 7,000 works consists of busts, sculptures, reliefs, watercolors and drawings, but also contains a number of paintings, which are mostly figurative depictions of faces, figures, landscapes, arrangements and various objects.

In the attempt to revitalize and perspective Harald Isenstein’s painting practice, we have invited four Danish contemporary artists, all of whom to some extent also relate to reality, and often also to the portrait as a genre, in their study of colors and form.

First and foremost, however, they are all good visual artists. With a conscious use of colour, they can virtuosically and deftly transform form into surface and create illusionistic realities.

Linda Bjørnskov (b. 1973). Departure the Kgl. Danish Academy of Arts 2006.
Ditte Ejlerskov (b. 1982). Graduated Malmö Art Academy 2009.
Johan Furåker (b. 1978). Graduated Malmö Art Academy 2009.
Casper Roshan Koch Hughes (b. 1983). Departure the Kgl. Danish Academy of Arts 2013.
Harald Isenstein (1898-1980). Ext. The Royal Academy of Arts Berlin 1920.

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