The Truth Behind Small

Sydhavns Anker
THE TRUTH BEHIND SMALL (Maya Peitersen & Linda Bjørnskov)
The corner of Sigvald Olsens Gade and Borgbjergsvej, Sydhavnen
7/9 – 31/10 2012

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Sydhavns Anker (photographer Maria Franck)

Sydhavns Anker by The Truth Behind Small – Maya Peitersen and Linda Bjørnskov, view from Borgbjergsvej, 3,40 x 2,40 x 2,40, wood, oil paint, 2012 (photographer Maria Franck)

Sydhavns Anker by The Truth Behind Small – Maya Peitersen and Linda Bjørnskov, entrance , 3,40 m x 2,40 x 2,40, wood, oil paint, 2012 (photographer Claus Handberg Christensen)

Nikolai Linares fernisage and artist talk at Sydhavns Anker d.7/9-12 (photographer Linda Bjørnskov)

Sonja Lillebæk Christensens exhibition in Sydhavns Anker (photographer Linda Bjørnskov)

Eva Öhrlings exhibition in Sydhavns Anker (photographer Linda Bjørnskov)

Ole Broagers work in Sydhavns Anker (photographer Maria Franck)

Sydhavns Anker
What happens when the art moves far away from the art institution into the human interrelations in the society – into a place that hasn’t received aesthetic donations, but has grown up and today stand on its own – with its very own identity.

This is what the art group The Truth Behind Small aims to explore with the art project “Sydhavns Anker”, taking place in the period 7/9 – 31/10 2012 in Sydhavnen.

Sydhavnens Anker is an experimental sculptural and architectural project, situated on the corner by Sigvald Olsens Gade and Borgbjergsvej and has to function as a micro cultural house, among others with exhibitions by local professional pictorial artists.

The group The Truth Behind Small, consisting of architect/pictorial artist Maya Peitersen and pictorial artist Linda Bjørnskov, work with sculptural and architectural projects in the public room as a method to make new agendas.

Sydhavns Anker is both a work and a frame around other works. With this grip The Truth Behind Small will give the local people at Sydhavnen the possibility of a better knowledge of the contemporary art scene.

Architecturally Sydhavns Anker points away from the tight buildings of KAB from the 1930s meanwhile going into a coalition with the self-built spheres of the Garden associations. The work consists of wood veneer, battens and a colouring in shrilly scales. In the building there is a glass display case, meant to be part of the exhibitions in the period.

The micro cultural house will contain different exhibitions and artist talk by the pictorial artists Sonja Lillebæk Christensen, Christian Schmidt-Rasmussen, Eva Öhrling, Nikolai Linares and Ole Broager – as well as a speech by the philosopher Arno Victor Nielsen. All the contributors have in common that they either live in Sydhavnen or focus on the local area in their art works.

By choosing well-acknowledged from Sydhavnen, the artist group will create a sort of Anker Jørgensen effect (Anker Jørgen was a popular social democratic prime minister of Denmark). In other words: Make a focus on the interesting personalities connected to Sydhavnen. So just like the local people were proud of Anker Jørgensen being part of the street picture, the artist group with this project contributes to make a visible focus on the local cultural people.

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